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Art direction and titles for “Perry” commisioned by Nowness.

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“Perry” takes you from Oslo’s deserted summer streets while most of its inhabitants are on their seasonal migration to the coast, to the cabins and fjords of Tjøme, on the southern tip of Norway. “‘Perry’ and Dank both have similar minimalist aesthetics,” says Traavik, who credits the evolution of skate film to the influence of mercurial global brands like Polar, Palace and Bronze56k: “But it’s still very important for us to maintain a distinct Norwegian identity.”

  • Directed by Kasper Häggström
  • Music by André Bratten
  • Produced by Eirik Traavik, Aksel Overskott and Jørn Aagaard
  • Skating by Eirik Ballo and Henrik Lund
  • Featuring the voice of Fredrik Douglas Perry

Jørn Aagaard is an independent art director and graphic designer based in Oslo, Norway. His work is mainly within the fields of identity and communication for screen and print, with a variety of clients such as Dank, Vinduet, Kolon Forlag, Flamme Forlag, Gyldendal, Arts Council Norway, CIFF, Press, Cappelen Damm and D2.

mail@jornaagaard.com(+47) 951 02 413